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Microsuction earwax removal video

Microsuction and Irrigation
£70 for one £90 for two ears and a £30 appointment fee 
Please contact us on 0117 986 4242 for more information or to arrange an appointment.

Ear Irrigation / Ear Syringing Wax Removal

During this procedure, the patient sits in a chair and the ear is rinsed with warm water from an electronic irrigator. The wax and water is collected in a basin or cup-shaped device which the patient holds under their ear.

Ear irrigation does make some noise but this is not excessive or uncomfortable. Most people who have irrigation find it to be a fairly pleasant procedure.

Stephen can also do out of hours appointments between 5pm and 7pm, there is a non refundable £30 deposit for out of hours appointments.
Three methods of wax removal may be used:

1. Micro Suction Wax Removal

2. Ear Irrigation using the Pro-pulse Irrigator

3. Removal of wax deposits using a Jobson Horn Probe




Mr Stephen Neal (RHAD FSHAA) has undertaken training and achieved competency in wax removal and will use best-practice procedures to minimise any risk of harm. However, as with any wax removal procedure even when performed with the upmost care, there is a small risk involved of damage to or infection of the skin of the ear canal or the ear-drum during the procedure.