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Microsuction Earwax Removal

Microsuction is a procedure which uses gentle suction to remove excessive or troublesome earwax. It is performed with the aid of an operating microscope and a finely calibrated suction device, without the introduction of any materials or liquids.

Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove hard wax. The technique means that we can always see what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin of the sides of the ear canal which makes the process a lot more comfortable.

Microsuction is available at Stephen Neal’s practice every week, plus he also offers this service out of hours if you can’t make a daytime appointment. Stephen Neal hearing covers areas of Bath, Keynsham, Bristol, Yate, Downend, Radstock, Frome, Bruton, Yeovil, Chippenham, Devizes and beyond.

Stephen Neal is a qualified HPC registered dispenser and can accommodate all hearing issues, including dispensing hearing instruments (hearing aids). To learn more about the latest digital hearing, Stephen recommends Gn Resound. https://www.resound.com/en-gb

Video Transcript

”Hello my name is Stephen Neal at Keynsham Hearing Centre, and this is just a short film regarding MicroSuction earwax removal.

As you have never had this process before, let me educate you as to the device. This is the noise, its not to loud these days.

If I can just touch the back of your hand to give you an idea of how gentle it can be.

What we are going to do now Iʼm going to turn the chair so I can get to your right ear. If I could ask a favour if you could just tuck you hair behind your ear or put it round to the side.

If for any reason you want me to stop please just say stop.

Iʼm going to use the Specula just to help open your ear se we can then put the probe in. Iʼm bracing against the side of your face with my finger. That then just allows us to latch on to the large lumps of wax or skin debris thatʼs in the ear canal and then we can draw that out accordingly.


The most popular techniques over the years have been the Jobson Horne which is a way of hooking the wax out. Irrigation in a lot of doctors surgeries up and down the country has been the most popular way of removing the wax debris build up in the ears.

What has now by far become the most popular is MicroSuction so we are using obviously a device that extracts the wax and you can see the probe which goes into the ear canal itself and its all done very very gently.

What we are ending up with is a natural lining of the ear, so we take out the lumps that are causing the problem but you are left with a certain amount of residual wax doing what its supposed to do.
Irrigation unfortunately can wash out all the good wax where this process is a much healthier process.

So thats just a short film an introduction to wax removal or better known as MicroSuction”.